Dr. Ronnie Mitchell

Dr. Ronnie Mitchell has over 18 years of clinical experience practicing medicine. His approach to care has been recognized as exceptional by his patients and his peers. He has appeared on radio and television discussing various topics addressing hormonal health and alternative therapies. He prides himself as a physician that listens to his patients thoroughly and does not prescribe medications to treat every ailment. Many patients have come to Dr. Mitchell for unanswered questions regarding their health. It has been said, “If you want to know what is wrong with you, see Dr. Mitchell.”


Dr. Mitchell takes a thorough history, performs an exam and orders labs to evaluate his patients. The lab serves as a guide to care, it is not absolute.  There are countless people that see a physician, explain their symptoms, have labs ordered and are told everything is normal. The physician essentially treats the lab values thus the patient continues to experience the symptoms that prompted the visit to the physician.


Dr. Mitchell’s approach is drastically different in that most times labs are normal, yet people are suffering from hormonal imbalance, fatigue, headaches, autoimmunity, hypothyroid, and many other diseases. Dr. Mitchell treats people not lab values. He uses labs as a guide to diagnosis, not absolute diagnosis.


At Regen Medical Center and Skincare, you will experience the difference during your first visit.


Be prepared to engage in the process to regaining your health.


Our goal is to help regenerate our clients, mind, body and soul.

Restoring balance and beauty to the life of an individual is priceless.

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