Shock Wave Therapy

What to Expect Out of Shock Wave Therapy near Dallas

Many men suffer from a testosterone deficiency, and it’s an issue that you shouldn’t be afraid to check for. It can lead to a number of medical problems, including the inability to gain an erection. If you are struggling due to your deficiency, we have a variety of solutions that we can talk to you about at Regenerative Medical Center.


Shock wave therapy is a revolutionary method recently found to improve sexual performance. When you have not had much luck in the bedroom, it may be time to stop taking drugs that aren just a quick fix for the problem.


We have created a lot of positive results with shock wave therapy near Dallas. It’s a drug-free therapy that is noninvasive. Instead of using shots, drugs, or any disruptive medicine, it uses sound waves. The therapy achieved a significant amount of success in Europe and has recently made its way over to the United States.


Erectile dysfunction (ED) may be embarrassing to talk about. However, there are plenty of men who deal with the problem – and by talking about it with your doctor, it’s a chance to discuss the ways in which you can overcome ED. By taking advantage of this shock wave therapy, it can improve your sexual performance without having to deal with any potentially harmful side effects.


The way that the therapy works is by using acoustical sound waves directed at the penis. It increases the flow of blood by unclogging some of the different blood vessels. It also promotes the growth of new vessels. The final result is that you’re able to get a firmer and longer-lasting erection. You may find that you are able to experience increased sensitivity and have more intense orgasms following the therapy, too.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment. We’ll talk to you in length about the therapy and determine if it’s the right solution for you. Whatever you decide, Regenerative Medical Center is dedicated to finding the right therapy to get your life back on track to where you want it.