Weight Loss

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HCG/Weight Loss Therapy

Obesity is an epidemic in America. We understand the struggles that people experience trying to diet and exercise to lose weight. Many do their best to cut calories and exercise to no avail. It can be very frustrating when nothing seems to work.


Hormone imbalances, stress and nutritional deficiencies play a vital role in successful weight loss. Estrogen, thyroid, cortisol, insulin, are the main culprits for weight gain. Men and women both experience estrogen dominance. More estrogen than progesterone in women and more estrogen than testosterone in men. Estrogen makes fat and fat makes estrogen. This imbalance affects your mood. Your progesterone to estrogen ratio should be 200 to 1. The lower the ratio makes it difficult to lose weight. Thyroid hormones regulate body metabolism.



Cortisol known as the stress hormone is released by the body during stress. Too much cortisol increases hunger and leads to weight gain.
Insulin is secreted by the pancreas in response to elevated glucose levels and helps to maintain balanced sugar levels. Too
much consumed sugar gets stored as fat.
HCG is produced in large amounts during pregnancy. It mobilizes fat stores for fetal health. When used for weight loss is causes the brain into releasing its reserved fat stores. This allows you to lose fat stores thus causing weight loss.

We offer pharmaceutical grade HCG for weight loss. We have a balanced approach that enables you to lose the weight without feeling tired and sluggish. HCG will reset your metabolism and reprogram the brain to control your appetite. The body will no longer store fat and the fat burning process occurs leading to weight loss and increase energy. The program is a 40 day plan and many lose up to 40 pounds. We can help you lose the weight and achieve sustained weight loss.
The program requires weekly visits to monitor progress. Also, we administer weekly slim shots which are a mixture of vitamins to enhance weight loss and improve energy. The daily injections are administered at home along with all the instructions to be successful.



Xynomax is a weight loss supplement that reduces fat and builds muscle mass. It is compounded with plant sterols and is unavailable over the counter. The benefits are:

  • Weight loss

  • Muscle building

  • Improve sleep

  • Skin tightening

  • Increase libido